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Fortis Healthcare and RED.Health: A Strategic Partnership to Elevate Ambulance Services in Delhi NCR

In the intricate world of healthcare, every minute counts. Recognizing the dire need for rapid, reliable emergency responses, Fortis Healthcare, a frontrunner in the health industry, announced its partnership with RED.Health, a pioneer in ambulance services. This alliance, declared on June 26, seeks to enhance the Ambulance Services in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), thereby strengthening the overall emergency healthcare system.

Fortis Hospital and RED.Health: Joining Forces for the Greater Good

Fortis Hospital, an eminent name in the Indian health sector, is always seeking ways to enhance patient care and safety. Their latest initiative? Joining hands with RED.Health, an expert in fast and efficient Ambulance Services in Delhi and beyond.

The goal of this strategic partnership is to deliver end-to-end emergency services within a significantly reduced response time. Ultimately, it’s about minimizing trauma and maximizing the chances of survival during medical emergencies. As a part of this initiative, RED.Health’s enhanced ambulance services will be readily available at seven prime branches of Fortis Hospital in Delhi NCR.

The Introduction of Advanced Ambulance in Delhi NCR

This strategic alliance is about more than just corporate collaboration. It’s about transforming the face of Ambulance Services in Delhi NCR, one of the most densely populated regions in the country.

To ensure immediate, high-quality medical care during transport, RED.Health is set to introduce a fleet of 10 dedicated, GPS-enabled Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances. These state-of-the-art vehicles, equipped with cutting-edge technology and manned by highly trained professionals, are designed to provide immediate, life-saving support to critical patients, even before they reach the hospital.

Fortis Ambulance: New Age Medical Assistance, Just a Call Away

In the ever-evolving sphere of healthcare, accessibility is paramount. In a step towards this, Fortis Hospital, along with RED.Health, is ensuring a seamless integration of their services. This arrangement allows the residents of Delhi NCR to book a Fortis Ambulance with ease, no matter what their situation.

Fortis Hospital’s centralised ambulance service at 9009001050 is the one-stop solution to book an Ambulance in Delhi NCR. This service assures that immediate help is never more than a phone call away. From critical emergencies to routine patient transport, booking an Ambulance in Delhi has been made more accessible than ever, ensuring the people of Delhi NCR can reach the help they need, when they need it most.

Fortis and RED.Health: A Unified Vision for Healthcare Excellence

In an era where medical emergencies are a pressing concern, timely response is everything. Fortis Healthcare and RED.Health share a unified vision to transform this essential aspect of healthcare in Delhi NCR. This vision was reinforced by Anil Vinayak, Group COO, Fortis Healthcare, who articulated the importance of this collaborative venture in enhancing the healthcare scenario.

Vinayak lauds this partnership as a key driver in narrowing the gap in emergency care across Delhi NCR. The intent is straightforward but monumental: to ensure that patients in dire need are able to reach a Fortis Hospital Emergency ward with minimal delay, maximizing the potential for successful treatment and recovery.

Reducing Emergency Response Time: A Shared Commitment

Emergency response time is a critical factor that influences the outcome of any medical crisis. Anil Vinayak, Group COO, Fortis Healthcare, underscores this aspect in his statement about the partnership with RED.Health.

Vinayak notes, “With this collaboration, patients in need will be able to reach a Fortis Emergency ward within minutes. The gravity of the situation does not matter – whether it’s an accident, a heart attack, a stroke, or any other emergency, immediate medical attention within the ‘golden hour’ is critical to saving lives.” This commitment to reducing emergency response time is the cornerstone of this groundbreaking partnership.

Future Expansion Plans: Fortis Healthcare and RED.Health Collaboration

This groundbreaking collaboration between Fortis Healthcare and RED.Health has made waves in the Ambulance Services in Delhi, raising questions about its potential expansion across the country. As it turns out, the leaders of both organizations have their sights set far beyond Delhi NCR.

Group COO of Fortis Healthcare, Anil Vinayak, has confirmed that assessments will be carried out in the coming months to determine whether this model can be replicated in other parts of India. This holds the promise of revolutionizing the country’s ambulance services at a national level, making Fortis Ambulance services more readily available and accessible to the masses.

RED.Health’s Unwavering Commitment to Enhancing Emergency Response Time

At the heart of this partnership is RED.Health’s unwavering commitment to improving emergency response times. Prabhdeep Singh, the Founder of RED.Health, proudly stated that his firm has managed to reduce the call response time in medical emergencies to just five seconds.

“With RED.Health, in an emergency situation, one can call an ambulance within five seconds,” says Singh. This claim isn’t just restricted to words – it has been put into action. RED.Health has already established a highly effective response model in the Bangalore and Hyderabad markets, and the same is planned for Delhi NCR.

Building on a Legacy of Trust and Expertise: The Journey Ahead for Fortis and RED.Health

The partnership with Fortis Healthcare is just the beginning of RED.Health’s ambitious plans. They are also in discussions with the state as well as the Union government to enhance the emergency response system across India. This involves bringing on board more hospitals and extending their services to more cities and towns.

Singh added that the firm has already partnered with 80 hospitals and has plans to expand to over 550 cities and towns in India by the end of this financial year. It’s an ambitious goal, but given RED.Health’s track record, it’s certainly within reach.

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