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Ambulance Services in Surat

What are the top ambulance services in Surat?

There are several private ambulance services available in Surat, but RED Ambulances by RED.Health is one of the most trusted and reliable ambulance services in the city.

What is the ambulance phone number to book an ambulance in Surat?

To book an ambulance in Surat, you can call 1800 121 911 911. This number will connect you to the RED Ambulances call center, where you can request an ambulance.

How to transfer a patient to a hospital in Surat?

If a patient needs to be transported to a hospital in Surat, it is recommended to call an ambulance. RED Ambulances is a top choice as they are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offer the fastest ambulance services.

What are the types of ambulance vehicles available in Surat?

There are four types of ambulances available in Surat, including Patient Utility Vehicles, Basic Life Support, Advance Life Support, and Advance Cardiac Life Support.

Can Red Ambulances in Surat transport patients to other cities or states?

Yes, RED Ambulances can transport patients from Surat to anywhere in India. They have a fleet of 5000+ ambulances across India.

What are the serviceable areas for Red ambulance in Surat?

RED Ambulances offer services in every corner of Surat, and their response time is less than 3 minutes on average.

What languages are spoken by Red ambulance staff in Surat?

RED Ambulance staff in Surat can speak Gujarati, Hindi, and English, ensuring clear communication with the patient and their family members.

Can I request a specific hospital when using a Red ambulance in Surat?

Yes, you can request to be taken to your preferred hospital while using RED Ambulances.

What should I do if I need an ambulance in a remote area of Surat?

If you need an ambulance in a remote area of Surat, you can call RED Ambulances at 1800 121 911 911 for immediate medical emergency assistance.

What is the average response time of an ambulance in Surat?

The average response time for an ambulance in Surat is 40 minutes, while RED Ambulances' average response time is less than 3 minutes.